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In order to serve the people, you have to walk with the people. You must have something in common with the people. You have to respect the people – ALL of them! And that’s exactly what Sukia Akiba embodies.

As a 1st generation American citizen, Sukia definitely understands and appreciates the value of hard work and second chances. Her father migrated to this country with only $50 and a dream. But it was more than enough for him to be determined. So much so that this same attitude and mindset was embedded in the very DNA and existence of Sukia. And because of his example, she decided to work hard and go hard for what she wanted. It’s one thing to have a dream, but the dream can’t come true if you stay asleep! You have to wake up and do something. So with that in mind, Sukia has decided to wake up and awaken all of Cambridge.

Dedicated to making Cambridge affordable and accessible, Sukia’s desire is to ensure that developers no longer have free reign in this community. The people do! She wants housing to be made affordable, she wants displacement of residents to cease, and she wants leadership to he held accountable. Because the very moment that those who are supposed to serve the people no longer focus on that, the vitality of community diminishes.

Sukia is an environmentalist who is highly educated, receiving a BA in Sociology (from University of Massachusetts Boston) and a MS in Global Health Policy and Management (from Brandeis University).

As a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a citizen of this great community, Sukia will always bring the passion to her platform. She will make this experience one of the best yet and she will lead with her heart for others, not bribes and deceit.  Sukia believes that everyone deserves a change. And she is the person that will bring that change to Cambridge.

 Breaking Barriers, Building a Better Cambridge!



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